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‘Elevator pitch’ for the future of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Germany

The first of its kind to address gender inequality in German academia, the gender equality programme at the Arbesignkommission gegen einheiten (Arbeitsgeneinheitnen) at the prestigious German Institute of Economic Research (DIER) has a unique mission: to raise the profile of gender equality in German universities.The initiative, which is part of the Institute for Gender Equality


How to Find a GSI Charity

GSI stands for Global Society of Independents and Social Enterprises and the idea is to help small businesses get started, build their networks and support their growth.GSIs are not charities as the organisation aims to be.But the concept is a great idea that has been adopted by many small businesses, such as a restaurant in

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How I’m going to raise money to fund my project

The National Review’s Robert Kagan wrote an article in April 2015 entitled, “How I’m Going to Raise Money to Fund My Project,” which outlines the details of his plan for an ambitious “humanitarian” project, called “The Great Leap Forward.”The article is titled, “My new project: The Great Leap forward.”┬áKagan writes: “The great leap forward is