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Which charities have the most impact?

Charity International has released its annual report, which is the most recent data we have to give.The charity’s biggest hits are education, healthcare and environment, which together account for nearly 40% of its budget.Here are the top five charities for the year.1.UK-based charity The Brain Institute (BHI) UK-Based charity The BHI is the UK’s leading

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How to donate to charity in 2018

With the 2018 season set to kick off, here’s a quick guide on how to donate in 2018.Donations to charities are now available to anyone, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, religion or disability.If you’re an adult, there’s also a limited number of charities that can accept donations.Charity New Zealand can accept payments up to


Which charity should I give to?

I want to give money to charities that are working towards a good end, but I am concerned about the quality of the service.Which charity are you most interested in giving money to?I want a charity that provides high quality care for vulnerable children and people with disabilities.I don’t want a foundation that is only


How to find the right charity institute

If you’re looking for a charity institute that’s not just about giving, you can do worse than the charity bible institute.This charity institute is not only an important part of your charity’s history but is also one of the first places you should consider when looking for your next institute.Charity institutes aren’t just places to

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How to fund the momentous Institute for Charity and the Momentous Institute of the International Federation of Charities

The momentous institute of the international federation of charities is in danger of collapse after its director, Helen Keller, died in a plane crash, according to an advisory from the Institute for the International Protection of Children and the Environment.The institute has been at the centre of controversy since the start of the year after


How to deal with religious abuse charities

There’s a new problem plaguing charities that help people who suffer from religious abuse.As the number of religious charities has soared, so has the number who engage in abusive practices.In response, charities have started to step up their own monitoring to combat abuse.CharityWatch recently spoke to several experts about the problem.But while there are clear