Which charities have the most impact?

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Charity International has released its annual report, which is the most recent data we have to give.

The charity’s biggest hits are education, healthcare and environment, which together account for nearly 40% of its budget.

Here are the top five charities for the year.


UK-based charity The Brain Institute (BHI) UK-Based charity The BHI is the UK’s leading charity for neuroscience.

Founded in 2004, the charity has worked to support research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and neuroscience-related medicine.

The Brain has a total of £1.9bn in assets and £5.5bn in funding.


National Health Service (NHS) NHS The NHS, the UK health service, is one of the most respected and trusted bodies in the country.

It is home to one of Europe’s most advanced health systems.

NHS provides vital health care for people across the UK, with more than 20 million people accessing the service every year.

The NHS has seen a massive increase in funding from the Government in recent years, which has led to a £1bn increase in the size of the organisation’s budget.


International Children’s Fund (ICEF) International Children, Peace and Development Foundation International Children in Peace and Defence Foundation is an international charity that works to support children in conflict, conflict-related and trauma-affected countries.

The organisation works to end child labour, improve education and empower children to play and learn independently.

The organization works with governments and organisations around the world to create solutions to ensure children have the skills they need to survive in difficult circumstances.


United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations The UNICEF was founded in 1961, and since then, it has been helping millions of children and adults in more than 120 countries around the globe.

It has worked with the world’s poorest to support their development and education, and has provided support for thousands of children in developing countries.


Children’s Aid Society (CAS) CAS is an organisation that works with children in remote communities to develop healthy and happy relationships.

CAS was founded by Dr Margaret Walker in 1997.

In addition to the services they provide, CAS provides a number of community programmes including workshops, parent-teacher conferences, social service work, child development, education and other support services.


Global Health and Development Fund (GHDF) The Global Health Fund (GHF) is a global charitable foundation that is committed to delivering health and development services to the most vulnerable people and communities in the world.

The GHF has a range of programmes to support people and their families, including emergency and recovery services, health promotion, disease prevention and support.


United States Department of Education, Science, and Technology (US Dept. of Education) The Department of Energy and the Environment (US DOE) is responsible for all the Department of energy, the US Dept.

Science and Technology and the US Department of Defense.

DOE works to protect the environment and improve the lives of American families and businesses by improving our energy efficiency, reducing waste, reducing carbon emissions, improving our infrastructure, and investing in research and development.


European Commission (EC) The European Commission is a European Union-wide, intergovernmental organisation that is the EU’s executive arm.

It represents the Union’s 27 member states and their citizens.

The EU budget is approximately €4.7bn and covers a range a number areas such as climate change, environmental protection, the environment, energy, and defence.


World Health Organization (WHO) The WHO is a worldwide health organisation.

It was founded to provide information and services to people around the planet in accordance with the best scientific and medical knowledge available.

The WHO’s primary mission is to prevent, detect and treat all infectious diseases and illnesses.

WHO is also responsible for promoting the control and management of diseases and the health of populations.


UK Ministry of Defence The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is one the UK Armed Forces’ largest and most respected weapons and equipment suppliers, providing equipment, training and technical advice to the UK Government.

The MoD has a staff of nearly 500 people and a budget of £2.9 billion.


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) The International Federation for Red Cross Societies is a humanitarian and non-governmental organisation whose mission is the development of the Red Cross’s capacity to deliver humanitarian assistance.

It works to improve the delivery of emergency humanitarian relief in conflict-affected areas.


World Bank The World Bank is a non-profit international organisation, established in 1991, with a mandate to promote economic and social development and to foster social cohesion in developing and developed countries through the use of financial and other tools to address poverty, hunger and disease.


World Economic Forum (WEF) WEF is a nonprofit organisation that aims to improve people’s lives and promote the principles of fair play.

The WEF focuses on

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