What are the myths about the Institute of Charity, the charity that’s investigating abuse at Fiona Institute?


The Institute of Charities has been the subject of a wide-ranging report, examining the long-term impact of abuse, including the impact of institutional abuse and child protection, on children and young people.

The report has found that, of the 5,600 cases examined by the charity, only 2% involved allegations of sexual abuse.

But the report also found that:The Institute of charity said in a statement: “We believe that there are significant barriers in providing a safe, supportive and effective place for vulnerable young people to meet, explore and learn from their sexuality.”

We are committed to supporting young people who have been harmed and to ensuring that no child is forced to live with a sexual abuser, or suffer a traumatic or abusive relationship, in the care of the Institute.

“The report also revealed the extent to which the Institute is failing to provide support to vulnerable young LGBTI people.

A key recommendation of the report was that the charity should adopt a more holistic approach to its care, which would include a number of social, health and physical support services.

The charity said it was “extremely disappointed” by the findings of the Independent Charity Commission, which found that the Institute was failing to meet its “zero tolerance” policy for sexual abuse and the organisation had failed to address the “possibility of a long-standing problem of abuse and victimisation”.

The charity is now in the process of launching a formal appeal against the decision.

The Independent Charity Commissioner is a panel of senior officials from charities, charities regulators and independent organisations, who investigate all cases of abuse.

The commission is not independent, but the report states that it has the power to refer an allegation to the independent commissioner, who has the discretion to make recommendations to the charity’s board and the government.

The findings of Fiona’s report are expected to be published in January.

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