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By Sarah Mascia SmithThe Smithsonian Institute (SI) is in the midst of a big redesign that includes a new design and a revamped mission statement.

The institution is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the institution and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art (SMAA), with an exhibition, The Smithsonian in America: A Legacy of America’s First Museum.

The new mission statement aims to help highlight the history and impact of the Smithsonian and its exhibitions and programs.

“We want to make the Museum as accessible and accessible to all as possible,” said Sarah Miscia Smith, the Smithsonian’s senior director for cultural initiatives.

SMAA’s mission statement “In America, in a country with a history of race, class, ethnicity, sexuality and disability, we will continue to advance as a society in recognizing the diversity and power of all people and communities.”

Smith told The Huffington Store that SMAA is “building on the work that we did in 2016.”

SMAA has made changes to the museum’s mission in the past year, including removing its annual “Fantastic Art: A Journey Into America” exhibit and replacing it with a new exhibit titled “Museum and Art.”

The new exhibit, which runs through April of 2021, will feature new works from the Smithsonian.

The exhibit also includes new interactive exhibits, new educational resources and more.

“A lot of the exhibits will feature the Smithsonian Institution as a global leader in cultural and historical scholarship, the work of scholars, and the work we do on behalf of the world’s people,” Smith said.

The Smithsonian’s newest exhibits and programs are part of an initiative by SMAA to “reinvigorate the Museum and expand its reach.”

Smith said that the Smithsonian has been “very active in this initiative” and that “the Smithsonian Museum in America has always been an extension of our mission.”

“We have always done this in partnership with our partners at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, the American Institute of Architects, and many others,” she said.

Smith also shared some of the museum renovations.

The SMAA will be able to open a new branch in 2019, but that will be part of a broader overhaul.

The department will also open a dedicated space in 2019 for the “cultural exploration of the Americas” which will feature a new exhibition, “Race, Race and Race in America.”

In addition, SMAA plans to upgrade the museum space to accommodate the “new Smithsonian Museum Center.”

Smith noted that SMaa has already begun a process to renovate the Museum.

“It will be a significant investment and we will be fully aware of the challenges and opportunities involved in this process,” she explained.

SMaa will also be opening a new, $1.6 billion science and technology hub in 2018.

SMAAA will be the fourth museum to be renovated since the beginning of the 2040s.

The first was the Smithsonian in 1871 and the second was the National Museum and Museum of the American Indian in 1915.

In the past five years, the museum has been remodeled three times, most recently in 2021 when the Smithsonian Center of African Art was added to the National Mall.

Smith said she is excited to see the “further diversification” of the new Smithsonian Museum.

She said that SMA’s mission and mission statement will continue “to inform and inspire.”

SMA was established in 1918 to “provide educational and cultural programs for the American public and the public sector.”

The museum will continue its mission of “promoting the history, heritage, science, and culture of the United States.”

SMaa also has a new mission in 2021, which will “explore the American economy and its relationships with other countries, especially those in Asia, the Pacific and Central America.”

Smith described the new mission as “transformational,” adding that it will “open new perspectives on the role of the U.S. in the world.”

SMAAA also will be building a new science and engineering hub in 2019.

“SMAA will also begin to create a network of connections among its museums, libraries, archives, and offices throughout the United Nations,” she added.

Smith added that SMaas new research and teaching centers will “strengthen our mission as an institution of knowledge and knowledge-making and create opportunities for people of color to participate in that mission and the museum.”

SMaA has also launched a new partnership with the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH).

SMaa is partnering with the AMNH’s School of Natural Sciences to create an exhibition exploring the role natural history plays in the U!


The museum’s museum of paleontology will also have a museum dedicated to paleontological research.

The collaboration also includes a collaboration between SMaa and the Museum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (MIT).

The Smithsonian will continue hosting its Science and Industry Summit in 2021.

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