‘No one is immune’: Students protest in Tamil Nadu for free education

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Students and activists of the ‘No One Is Immune’ movement, a nationwide movement to create a free education system in Tamilnadu, have marched in the capital, Chennai, on Thursday demanding that education be free in the state.

“We demand that our students be educated free of any price tag.

We want free education to benefit our society,” student activist Ramamalini Kamaraj said, referring to the state’s high cost of education.

Tamil Nadu, a state that was ruled by the then Tamil Congress Party, is the country’s poorest state with an annual per capita income of Rs 1.4 lakh.

The government had introduced a three-tier education system that started with primary education and tertiary education, but many students are now stuck with debt.

The state has been experiencing the worst drought in decades, forcing the government to raise prices of food and basic commodities in the past few months.

The movement was launched by the Tamil Nadu Congress party, which had been leading the charge in the assembly for the free education.

The party has so far secured a total of 6.4 million signatures, and has asked the state government to scrap the existing system.

The opposition Congress party is opposed to the move.

Tammy Ondaatje, the union minister for women and child development, told NDTV that the government would consider the movement, but it would not change the basic principles of the state system.

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