Fiona and the Fiona Institute: A new charity that helps the UK’s poor


Fiona and The Fiona Institute is a new charity set up to provide funding to charities which are in dire need of financial help.

The charity, which is currently in its first phase of fundraising, will be a joint venture between The Fiona Foundation, which aims to raise $5m a year to help charity-focused causes, and The University of Westminster (UW), which aims at funding charities and organisations which are working to help the UK.

This is a partnership that was announced last year, and will see Fiona’s board and senior staff involved in fundraising for the new charity.

“We are very excited to be partnering with The Fiona for this ambitious, ambitious project,” Fiona Foundation Director, Dr Alison Firth said.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for Fiona and we can’t wait to share our vision and the work we are doing to help our fellow people in need of a brighter future.”

The new charity will focus on supporting charities and non-profit organisations who are working in the areas of humanitarian aid, healthcare, social and community development, child protection, education, health and wellbeing, and more.

It will also help in establishing the foundation of the organisation to support the growth of the foundation and help fund future projects.

“This is about building a foundation that will allow us to continue to invest in our foundation and in developing further our charitable initiatives,” Dr Firth explained.

“The Fiona Foundation is now a joint partnership with The University and it’s about building on our foundation, our philanthropy, to continue funding and developing our programs and the charities we work with.”

The Fiona Institute, which will be named after Fiona and co-founder Fiona Williams, will have three main roles:”It will be focused on providing funding to support charities that are in need,” said Dr Fyrith.

“Its first focus will be to support those who are in the financial position to provide financial assistance for charities and their clients and their families.

Its second focus will include building the foundation for future charitable initiatives.”

The first of the two main roles of the new Fiona Foundation will be supporting the growth and development of the Foundation.

Dr Firth told Vice News the Foundation will have a “deep and broad range of activities”.

“It also has an active fundraising arm,” she added.

“One of our major priorities is to continue working with charities that will benefit the global community.”

Fiona Foundation will begin work this autumn and will be led by Fiona Williams and the head of the University of London’s Children’s Centre.

Dr Williams told Vice that she hopes to have the new foundation established by the end of the year.

“I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to help in the next few months, because we have a very small budget,” she said.

“We need to do our best to help those that need it most, and the foundation will be able to provide that.”

A great part of my job is to ensure that we support and build a foundation in order to support our work.

That’s the core of my work, and I think we can all learn from what others are doing.

“The UK government has committed £5m to the Fiona Foundation’s work over the next four years, which includes establishing the Foundation’s “banking and grantmaking infrastructure” and “building a donor network”.”

I hope that the new Foundation will provide an important platform for UK-based charities to continue their work in the UK,” Dr Williams said.

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