The world’s most popular charities: The Smithsonian Institution, the Compass Institute, and the World Health Organization share their best charity stats

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The Smithsonian’s foundation, the National Museum of American History, has been at the top of the philanthropic game for decades.

The foundation’s donations made up around a third of the Smithsonian’s total in 2015, and it has been a major contributor to the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The National Institutes of Health, meanwhile, has a long history of giving to charities.

The NIH’s philanthropic support in the United States has been quite strong, too, and its programs have included such notable institutions as the Smithsonian Institution.

The next time you’re at the dinner table, give the Smithsonian Foundation a call to see how its contributions are shaping the lives of people all over the world.

The charity’s most prominent program is the National Parks Conservation Service (NPS), which has been around since 1934.

Its programs include the National Wildlife Refuge System, National Conservation Reserve System, and National Wilderness System.

The NPS is one of the largest conservation organizations in the world, and for the past 10 years has been ranked #1 on the list of the world’s top philanthropy-driven organizations by GiveWell, which evaluates charities based on how they improve the lives and quality of life of the most vulnerable people in the planet.

In the next part of this series, we’ll look at how the foundation has spent money in recent years.

The Foundation’s Expenses The National Museum Of American History The National Science Foundation (NSF) is the largest single federal research agency, and is a leading contributor to NSF’s scientific programs.

In addition to its scientific work, the museum also has a huge number of exhibits that showcase the work of other scientific disciplines.

The museum’s $2.6 billion endowment was $1.8 billion in 2015.

The Smithsonian Conservation Collections and Special Collections The Smithsonian has a rich collection of artifacts and collections, including more than a hundred million objects.

Its collections include the original, first-class, and special collections of its founding president, William Jefferson Clinton, as well as artifacts from the United Kingdom and other countries.

It also has numerous private collections that are not subject to federal donation restrictions.

Its primary collection is the Smithsonian Archives and Special Collection, which houses many of its most valuable and controversial materials.

The institution has a wealth of resources, including a large number of special collections.

The most valuable is the collection of the American Indian Museum and the Smithsonian Folkways Collection, both of which include artifacts from Native American tribes and their societies.

The latter collection is comprised of artifacts from some of the earliest documented Native American societies in North America, including the Ojibwe, Chippewa, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Hidatsa, and Mohawk peoples.

The collection has been home to a number of the greatest cultural and intellectual figures of the twentieth century, including Charles Darwin, John Dewey, and other early explorers and writers.

The Museum’s Educational Institutions The Smithsonian Education Foundation, a subsidiary of the National Science and Technology Council, is the primary educational agency for the museum.

It is the only nonprofit entity that is fully funded by the Smithsonian.

Its mission is to provide educational opportunities to millions of students through research, outreach, and outreach programs, and to provide resources and materials to support educators.

Its most recent annual report listed $9 billion in educational grants for 2016, including $5.2 billion to the American Museum of Natural History.

The Institution’s Collections The National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities (NEAHA) is a division of the U.S. Department of Education that supports public education and other educational programs.

NEAHA is the lead agency for arts education in the U, and has funded the creation of more than 2,000 arts and cultural institutions, including schools, museums, and libraries.

The NEAH receives funds through the U-12 Education Act of 1968 and through grants from the National Education Foundation.

NEAs collections include nearly a billion pieces of American art, which it has curated for over 80 years.

Its collection of rare works of art includes works from the Renaissance through the 20th centuries, as a part of the Museum’s collections.

Its permanent collection of paintings includes works by the artists William Burroughs, Vincent van Gogh, and Salvador Dalí.

Its library has more than 6,000 books on art and culture from over 20 countries.

The Library of Congress Collection of American Art The Library’s collection of American artists and artifacts includes works dating back to the early 1800s.

In recent years, the Library has been one of several organizations to have its collections acquired by private owners.

The collections were recently acquired by the American Modern Art Museum in Washington, D.C. In 2019, the new owners made the collection available for public use for the first time.

This acquisition of the collection, which includes paintings by Van Gogh and

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