How to spot a child abuse charity


If you are a charity that deals with child abuse, you have probably noticed that you have to file an annual report with the government.

It’s not a surprise that it’s a very time consuming process.

And now that a child abuser is arrested, you need to file a police report as well.

In fact, this is where you need a lot of help.

Many charities in the UK do not file annual reports because the police can make the case against a child as strong as possible, but some do.

So, we decided to take a look at the best charities that do.

And what did we find?

They’re a little bit different to each other.

Some charities are focused on providing financial support to families of child abusers, while others provide legal aid to victims of abuse.

But there are also charities that provide support to other children and families affected by child abuse.

Read more: What are the top charities helping children in Britain?

We also looked at charities that are also dedicated to helping abused children.

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