Which charity is best suited to help kids with learning disabilities?

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By the time they’re in high school, kids in some of Italy’s poorest schools are already on the verge of becoming orphans, the head of a charity learning institute has warned.

In the past year, more than 2,500 children from the Parma Children’s Institute (PCI) have been sent to orphanages by their parents for adoption, with more than 50% of the children living in poverty.

According to Stefano Graziani, director of the PCI’s charity learning programme in Rome, many children suffer from developmental disabilities which are not easily corrected, leaving them unable to learn basic skills and to meet their educational needs.

“We don’t know how many children are orphaned because we don’t have enough funds to provide a safe place for them, or even for their parents to come and take care of them,” he told Sky TG24.

“The parents have to go through difficult times in their life.

Sometimes they have to get out of work.

They have to work for the first time and to give a life to someone who has no family or community.”

When the child is born, they are still very fragile.

We can’t give them enough food and water, they have little opportunities to learn.

“Sometimes the child doesn’t learn anything about the world.

Graziani said his team was trying to get the children out of orphanages through a combination of educational and therapeutic programmes.”

They also don’t go to school and we don´t know how to help them because we have so many problems.”

Graziani said his team was trying to get the children out of orphanages through a combination of educational and therapeutic programmes.

The first step was for him to get them out of their homes and into institutions that offered them regular socialisation and training.

“To get them into an institution, it means they have the chance to learn something new, which is quite hard,” he said.

“But when the child starts to show some signs of development, we can work with the parents to start a rehabilitation programme, which will give them the chance of learning the language of their new home.”

At the end of the rehabilitation programme they can be placed in a group home where they can receive regular therapy and education.

“A further step was to establish a safe haven for the child and his or her parents.

The Parma-based charity learned that many orphanages do not offer safe places for children with learning disorders.”

Most of them are located in cities and towns where there are no children who need to go there,” Grazian said.

In some cases, they can’t even visit their own homes.”

Sometimes they are sent to a hospital, but it is not a safe environment for them.””

But in the end, they go to a safe shelter where they receive a lot of care.”

Sometimes they are sent to a hospital, but it is not a safe environment for them.

“Grosiani said he also believed that the number of orphaned children in Rome was increasing.”

I think the numbers of orphanies in Rome have been increasing for a while, so we are doing more work in that area,” he added.”

As soon as we started working on this project, I think it is going to change.

“We will work with local organisations to get more children to safe shelters and we will help them find new homes.”

Griziani said that his team would also help them to find suitable homes.

“In the next few weeks, we will do everything possible to help the orphanages to find new families,” he continued.

“In our efforts, we are hoping to get 100% of our clients into homes where they will be able to get regular therapy.”

This is something we need to do in order to help our clients in their transition.

“He added that they would also try to ensure that those with learning difficulties could get regular medical attention.

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