‘The Greatest Gift’: Charity Institute in Ireland gives birth to world’s first solar-powered airplane

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The world’s most charitable foundation in Ireland has unveiled the world’s largest solar-power airplane that can fly on the Irish high winds and deliver a meal to needy people.

The Institute of Charities in Ireland (ICFI) announced the development on Tuesday at the start of a weeklong World Solar Aviation Conference in Dublin.

The $10 million solar-fueled plane will be unveiled in the coming days in the Guinness Book of Records and will make the first powered flight in Ireland.

“Our plane will fly the high winds in Ireland, where it will have the capacity to produce electricity in excess of 1,000 megawatts,” said ICFI president and CEO Brian Dickson.

“It will also deliver meals to the hungry.”

The plane will carry about 10,000 pounds of food and medicine to the Irish homeless, and the Irish National Health Service, which has been hit by the heatwave, will be served on board.

The ICFI plane will also be used to deliver solar-generated electricity to a hospital in the UK where an Ebola patient is being treated, and a farm in Germany where a cow is being milked to feed the pigs.

The Irish Government has pledged to help fund the plane and to use it for the benefit of the homeless, while the ICFI has said it is ready to provide solar panels for other countries if they need help.ICFI President and CEO Dickson said it was a huge leap forward for the Irish economy and the solar industry in general.

“Solar power is now more affordable, with solar panels being able to be manufactured at a much lower cost than they would be at the moment, and we are in the process of building solar farms in the United States,” he said.

“The solar industry has been here all along, and this is the first time that the Irish have gone public with a project of this scale.

It is going to change Ireland and the way we are building our economy.”ICFI has donated nearly 1 billion pounds to Irish charities over the years and is the largest charitable foundation on the island of Ireland.

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