How the nonprofit sector and government funded institutions helped build America’s middle class

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The nonprofit sector has long been a target for the Republican Party.

The group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is the nation’s oldest and most influential watchdog group.

The advocacy group also focuses on how federal and private entities are spending money, including spending money on political campaigns.

CREW has also helped shape the culture of government agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs.

But CREW was also among the first to identify and investigate the role that wealthy donors had in the nation as the country grew more prosperous.

This week, CREW released a new report on the impact of the nonprofit and public sector on America’s prosperity.

The report shows that while there was a dramatic rise in the share of the country that was privately owned between 1970 and 2015, the share that was nonprofit in 2014 was still significantly lower than it had been in 1970.

For example, the percentage of Americans that owned their own home fell from 70% to 62%.

The share of Americans with homes in their own name also fell, from 60% to 49%.

CREW found that while the share in the nonprofit economy grew from 1970 to 2014, the nonprofit institutions grew from 10.6% of the total economy to 24.5%.

But the trend did not stop there.

While private nonprofit institutions have increased from 17.3% of total economic activity to 25.9% since 1970, nonprofit institutions had grown from 14.6 million to 29.9 million.

“In fact, between 1970 to today, the total economic footprint of the nonprofits grew by 7.4 million,” the report said.

“The share of total gross domestic product that is spent on the nonprofit entities has grown from 6.9 to 22.3 percent, and the share spent on nonprofits has grown by 6.5 to 20.6 percent.”

CREW is calling on Congress to enact an amendment that would prohibit nonprofits from using their funds to engage in political activities and to limit their ability to accept gifts and donations from corporations, unions, foreign governments and other foreign governments.

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