Which charities are in the top 10 most charitable in the world?

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A new study has revealed the world’s most charitable charities.

The charity sector was named the “most charitable” category by the Charity Commission, which is tasked with identifying the most effective charities for the good of the community.

In its annual report for the year ending September 2016, the Charity Commissioners said the top ten charities had received an estimated $7.6 trillion in funding over the past decade.

But this report also highlighted the top five charities with the highest total donations per capita.

“The most charitable sectors are also the sectors with the most active fundraising campaigns,” said the report.

The study looked at funding institutions (FIs) across the world, and found that over the period between 2011 and 2016, FIs raised $8.4 trillion in donations.

This is the same figure as the figure for the UK, the report said.

It said that this was a higher figure than the amount of money spent by the top 50 charities in the UK over the same period.

The top five FIs in the US, UK and Canada are:The United Methodist Church, United Way, Mercyhurst College, World Vision, and World Vision USA.

The highest average donation per capita in the country was $2,851 in 2012.

But the study also noted that some of the highest amounts of money donated were to charities with little or no involvement in their work.

“These figures highlight the importance of supporting the most charitable sector by making sure that all charities are receiving the support they need to be successful,” said Charity Commissioner Peter McCourt.

The charities that are the most generous to the most people were charities that provided direct aid or assistance, such as direct financial support or health, education and housing.

“It is important that we ensure that charities are properly funded and are able to provide the support needed to be effective,” McCourt added.

A spokesperson for Mercyhurst told Engadge that it was “very happy” with the report’s findings.

“Mercyhurst has been a strong supporter of charitable charities and our contribution to the development of a more effective and compassionate society has been significant.

We believe in helping people to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives,” the spokesperson said.


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