Charity institute urges children’s institute to drop ‘unhealthy’ practices

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In a letter sent to the Children’s Institute of London, the Charity Institute of Ireland said that it has received reports that the Childrens Institute of Dublin has been using ‘unethical’ methods of fundraising.

In its letter, the charity institute said that the Irish Children’s Aid Society, the Children and Families Charity, and the Children in Crisis Centre in the City of London were also using ‘unsafe’ fundraising methods.

“These reports highlight the unethical behaviour of the Irish Child Charity and the use of the Children Institute of England and Scotland in their fundraising efforts,” the charity said in a statement.

“While the Children for Ireland have an obligation to raise funds for vulnerable families, they have not shown the leadership and courage to adopt a different approach to the funding of children’s charities.”

It is important to note that the Charity institute has a long history of providing quality services for children, including child care, home care, educational and vocational training.

“The Childrens Fund, which has raised over £1 billion since opening its doors in 2006, has been successful in raising funds for children’s causes across the globe, including in Ireland.”

We ask that the charity institutes in England and the City have the courage to remove the inappropriate and unhealthy fundraising methods used by the Children at the Children charity.””

We are therefore asking that the children’s institution be taken to task for their unethical fundraising practices, and to ensure the integrity of the funding process.

“In a statement released on Tuesday, the Childs Fund said it was aware of the allegations against the Children In Crisis Centre.”

Child in Crisis was set up by a group of Irish charities in the late 1990s to provide care to children and families at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation, and they are proud to be Ireland’s leading charity provider of services to children in Ireland and the UK,” it said.”

Our services range from the provision of child care to support services to home care and education for children.

“A number of children have been helped through the Child in Crisis services and have received the benefits of our services through their life.”‘

Not a charity that should exist’The Children in Ireland said it “stands by the integrity and impartiality” of its fundraising processes.

“I have always believed that charities should exist in every country and we believe that charities in Ireland should not exist in any country,” the Charity’s Director of Children’s and Family Services said.

“We are aware of recent reports which have raised concerns that Child in Care is using unsafe fundraising methods and that children’s centres are using inappropriate fundraising methods to raise money.”

Children’s centres, particularly those at children’s homes, are at the heart of Irish society.

We are proud of the work we do to support and serve the children of Ireland and we are determined to do our utmost to support the Children of Ireland through their journey of recovery and recovery from abuse.””

Child care and childcare services are essential to children’s wellbeing and we want all our children to have the best possible opportunities to grow up with a strong sense of self worth.

“However, we have been aware of reports in recent weeks that Child In Care are using fundraising methods that are not consistent with our standards and that is not acceptable for a charity.”

The charity’s Director also said the Children Fund is “not a charity in the sense that we do not give money to charity.”

“We do not accept any donations from non-governmental organisations or charities, nor do we accept donations from the UK Government, which is the Government that has supported Child in Health for over two decades,” he said.

A spokesperson for Child in England said it has taken steps to ensure that its fundraising practices are “fit for purpose”.

“We have launched an internal review of our fundraising and compliance processes and are looking to strengthen them,” a spokesperson said.

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