How can we stop the rising tide of HIV/AIDS?

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An outbreak of new infections is sweeping the country, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday, as the latest case count shows that a record number of people are living with the disease.

The new count from the WHO showed a record 4,062 new cases in the country.

The number of new cases has risen steadily since February, when a record 9,085 people were diagnosed with the virus.

In all, nearly half a million people are believed to have contracted the virus, which is also known as H1N1, a disease that causes a flu-like illness.WHO said the latest cases are largely in the poorest areas of the country with little access to healthcare.

The WHO says the number of cases is expected to grow as the pandemic wears on and the number and spread of the viruses can be slowed.HIV-AIDS: WHO says new cases are expected to rise as the epidemic wears on, the new outbreak is largely in poor areas of rural India, where there are no safe havens to turn to for treatment, and in the most deprived parts of the nation.

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