The most outrageous celebrity ‘stalking’ stories you’ve never heard

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You may not think it’s a big deal, but you’d be wrong.

Here are the stories you never thought you’d hear.


‘You could’ve been in a car crash’The celebrity who ‘stalked’ the ex-girlfriend of ex-footballer Ashley Cole in her apartment has now been charged with stalking and possessing stolen property.

Read moreRead moreIn October this year, former Manchester United player Ashley Cole tweeted: “I think it was a very good night.

I think you could’ve had a car accident.”

In the tweet, Cole shared photos of himself, Cole’s ex-wife and a young girl he said were his best friends.

Cole, 31, then allegedly stalked the woman for more than a year before she contacted the police.

The woman was initially told she was being stalked, but then she received an anonymous email, saying the alleged stalking was going on for a year.

The alleged stalking began when Cole tweeted that he “wouldnt sleep” at night, but ended when he “was really tired and had a couple of beers.”

Cole then allegedly tweeted: “@shamilahshah I wouldnt sleep at night.

That was a bad night.”

He also allegedly posted a picture of himself with a bottle of alcohol on Instagram.

In January this year Cole tweeted about how he’d been to “a few bars and clubs”.

He then allegedly posted the photo of himself drinking a Budweiser, which he claimed was his “first time.”

“I didnt know what to do, so I posted a photo of myself in a nightclub and I was really drunk, and it got some followers, and then it got really bad,” Cole said.

“And then, the next day, I was on Twitter talking about how I was having a bad day.”

The next day Cole said he was “bored.”

In January 2018 Cole wrote on Twitter that he was going to be on “a flight from Singapore to Europe” because he was sick.

He then posted a photograph of himself in a hospital bed with the caption: “It was actually my first time in a long time.”

Cole later posted a tweet about a woman who he said had stalked him.

Cole later said he had been “in a car wreck” when he tweeted about the woman.

He also said he “thought she was just drunk” and that she should be “saved”.

In January 2019, Cole tweeted the photo he posted on Instagram of himself on a plane with the statement: “You can see I was at the front door, but I dont have a phone because I was in a crash.

I was just getting off.

I am not drunk, I didnt see her.”

In February 2019, the actress Kim Kardashian told the New York Times she was stalked by a man who allegedly used her name.

In February 2020, the star of The Hills was stalking her when he allegedly sent her a photograph.

In March 2019, it was revealed that actress Nicole Kidman was the target of a “stalking” campaign.

Kidman, 46, was reportedly the subject of a Twitter message sent by a woman.

The message read: “@NicoleKidman You will never be the same as you were before.

You are a wreck.

Do not allow this man to destroy your life.

I will take you back.”

In September 2019, Kim Kardashian was allegedly the victim of a similar “stalker” campaign by her ex-husband.

The New York Post reported that the exes’ 13-year marriage was in trouble because of their “relationship woes.”

According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, the woman said that the man sent her messages asking her to “please don’t do this to me again.”

The man was eventually arrested and charged with harassing and stalking.

Read moreCole was arrested on November 11, 2018 after a woman contacted police to say he had harassed her for years.

In December 2019, TMZ reported that Cole allegedly sent a tweet saying: “My name is Ashley.

I stalked you for a while.

I’m going to get my revenge on you.”

Cole also tweeted in November 2019: “@AshleyCole, if you really want to know why I stalk you, I will let you in on the truth.

It was not about you, it is about me.

It’s about revenge.”

He later retweeted a comment made by the woman, who claimed he stalked her for more “than a year.”

The woman was eventually charged with “stalking” and “stealing” and the case was adjourned until July 2019.

Cole was released on $1 million bail, according to TMZ.

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