Children’s institute ‘under siege’ due to the rise in adoption rate

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The Institute of Children’s Institutions is under attack as a result of the increasing adoption rate.

The rise in the number of children adopted has resulted in the closure of many of the institutes, which have been operating under a strict non-profit status.

Institute of Children’ Institutions (ICI) Director and Founder, Dr. Zulfiqar, spoke to Al Jazeera about the rising adoption rate and the rise of ‘religious organisations’ as well as the lack of funding for the childrens institute.

The ICI was founded in 2014 by Dr. Shahid Jahan, the son of Dr. Muhammad Jahan.

The institute was launched in 2017 to provide support for children with special needs, including children with learning disabilities.

“I’m quite proud of the ICI and its mission.

Its a secular institution and it aims to provide assistance to the families and children of all the different religious communities in Pakistan.

It has more than 1,500 children.

The ICI is in close contact with the religious community in Pakistan and its aim is to provide children with the most appropriate environment to learn and grow.

We work with families and the children.

They give us support.

The parents also give us guidance and help us to get the most out of the child,” Dr. Jahan said.

ICI has been operating since 2014, but has had to shut down due to financial constraints.

The last time the ICIs doors were opened was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding.

The institution has been in continuous operation since then and has grown to over 1,100 staff and is located in Islamabad.

Since it was founded, the IC I has supported more than 2,200 children.

It also provides support to religious schools and is an important part of the Pakistan Christian Network (PCN), which is one of the largest Christian organisations in Pakistan with over 12,000 members.

For years, ICI had been struggling to find funds to support the institute.

It had been in the red for over a decade.

In recent years, it has faced financial difficulties and had to close.

In 2016, ICIs financial advisor, Dr Zulfikar Zulfag, had suggested that it could close the institution if it cannot secure funds to continue operating.

Zulfiqara Jahan also told Al Jazeera that the institute was “under siege” due to its financial situation.

Dr. Zufari said that ICI’s finances have been under pressure due to growing adoption rates and the lack in funding.

With increasing adoption rates, Dr Jahan believes that the IC has become a religious organisation and has been under siege due to this.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world, Dr Darshan Kumar said, explaining that many people in the religious communities have lost faith in the ICAs role.

A growing number of non-profits, which operate independently of the government, are being accused of violating the law.

According to Dr. Kumar, the Islamic charities are being criticised for the poor education of children.

They are not providing proper instruction and have not provided the proper educational support to their children.

We need to protect the rights of the children, he added.

As a result, he fears that the rise will result in the institution’s closure.

He also warned that ICIs closure could result in further violence against the children and parents.

While ICI has no formal affiliation with the Islamic organisations, they are now facing a legal battle over their religious funding.

According the Indian Express, the Central Board of Trustees (CBT), which administers the countrys income tax, is currently investigating the institute for violating Section 144 of the Income Tax Act.

According to the article, the issue is due to Section 144 being a provision in the Income-Tax Act that permits any non-governmental organisation, including a charitable body, to levy a penalty of up to 10% of its total income.

Section 144 was passed in the wake of the 1993 Mumbai terror attack.

It allows for any non profit to levy an annual tax on income derived from any activity in India, which in this case would be the distribution of donations to ICIs.

An official of the Central Government, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Indian Mail Today that the case is in its early stages.

Earlier this year, a special court of inquiry into Section 144 found that the BCCI had breached Section 144.

The court was also concerned about the BCCIs failure to provide adequate educational support.

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