How to donate to the Irish charities institute


You might be able to give more to the IRINs charities institute and the charity baptist in one go by going to the following websites: Irish charities institute Charity baptists institute IRINs charity institute Irish charity institute is a network of organisations providing quality and affordable support for the most vulnerable Irish citizens, children and young people.

Its core mission is to ensure that children and vulnerable people can thrive and be successful by supporting their development, improving their health, reducing their poverty and providing for their basic needs.

As a charity, it is the most active in supporting the health, education and social wellbeing of the people of Ireland.

IRINS provides quality services to over 25,000 individuals, families and businesses through the support of over 10,000 charities across Ireland.

It is supported by over 1,000 community organisations, including: Charity and community services, including child protection, housing, health and social services, community support, health-care, education, support for people with disabilities, family services, support and protection for the elderly and vulnerable. 

Awards and recognitions: The Irish Charity Institute was recognised in the 2017 World Philanthropy Awards, and the Irish Charity Association was awarded a prestigious Philanthropist Award for Excellence in Philanthropic Excellence in 2018. 

The Irish Charities and Other Non-Governmental Organizations Institute was also recognised in 2017 and 2018, for their outstanding work in supporting social welfare and community cohesion across the country.

Read more about Irish charities The IRIN is the UK’s leading charity-funding organisation.

For further information: IRIN

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