The real reason why I want to donate my body to science

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The real motivation for donating my body and soul to science is to help others.

And I want everyone to know that I have this same motivation.

In fact, when I first learned about the idea of donating my own body to research, I was inspired by a study by a professor in New York City who studied how well people in his lab could identify faces of loved ones.

He found that those who donated their bodies for research could have a far greater impact on the world than those who chose not to donate.

That was a very humbling moment.

It was also a very powerful message to my parents and me.

I have never regretted donating my organs and blood, and I know that the donation of my own remains would not only help people, but also provide me with great satisfaction and joy.

But for the past few years, I’ve been struggling with a new reality: I’m no longer interested in donating my life.

I’m not interested in giving my body for research.

Instead, I’m trying to help people find cures for diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and heart disease.

I am in my 30s and I am struggling with the idea that I may not have a chance in the near future to give my body away for good.

But when I look at the research I do and the incredible things people have done with my body, I think that it’s my body that I want.

The problem is, I have not given up on my body.

I’ve always had hope that someday I would give it up for good and that someday my body would be given to someone else.

But I can’t imagine myself donating my soul.

I can imagine someone else giving it to me.

So, I want people to know there are other ways to give to charity.

And if you want to help, here are a few ways to help: Find a way to donate your body to a research institute, such as a medical center or a university.

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