The lion charity hospital is going to get a new name

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LIVINGSTON, N.H. — The lion hospital in New Hampshire will get a different name in a deal that will make it more visible to the public and more appealing to potential donors.

The New Hampshire Lions, the nonprofit organization that runs the lion hospital, is set to buy out its previous name from the Cecil family, which owns the animal and lion trophy hunting industry, according to The New York Times.

Under the terms of the deal, the lion charity will become the New Hampshire Lion Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the mission of “protecting and protecting the natural environment,” according to the Times.

The Lion Foundation’s new name will be “The Lion Trust” and the Lion Hospital, a facility that is in charge of “care and caretaking of critically ill and injured animals and other critically endangered animals.”

In a statement, the New England Lions said the new name “reflects the unique nature of the Lion Trust and is a fitting tribute to the lion that has shaped New England’s history.”

New Hampshire’s largest private animal welfare organization, the Humane Society of the United States, praised the news, calling the lion name “a wonderful, appropriate and practical choice.”

The lion charity is currently the largest non-profit organization in New England.

The Humane Society also serves as the lion’s primary partner in the lion program.

The lion is a symbol of conservation in the region and the country.

The Humane Society’s board of directors also recommended the name change after it learned of the news.

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