How to donate to Smithsonian Institution for Science and Industry’s Foundation Fund: $50K

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By Amy L. MascaroThe Smithsonian Institution’s Foundation for Science & Industry has established a charitable trust to give $50,000 to a foundation for education and research that focuses on the health, environment, and wellness of women and girls.

Sidney Smith, vice president of the Smithsonian Institution Foundation for Education and Research, said in a statement that the gift will help build and support “a new generation of leaders in education, technology, and innovation who will shape the future of our nation.”

Smith noted that he and his family have been supporting this cause for the past few years and are grateful for their support.

He said he and Smith’s wife, Lauren, are looking forward to supporting this initiative through the years.

The Smithsonian Foundation has been a significant donor to the Smithsonian since its founding in 1910.

In 2015, the institution raised $1.1 billion in grants, scholarships, and other grants for research and education.

The Foundation for Discovery has given the Smithsonian $872 million in grants over the past 20 years.

In 2018, the Smithsonian Foundation established a program that allows for donations to be used to support its educational and research programs and the support of its museum, according to the Foundation for the Arts and Humanities.

The gift to the foundation will support an educational foundation called the Smithsonian Women’s Education Foundation, which aims to improve access to high school graduation and college, the statement said.

The new gift will support the education of more than 2,000 students at the institution and their families and will focus on education, wellness, and gender equality.

Smith said that the foundation is looking forward “to seeing our students learn from the accomplishments of this philanthropic institution.”

The Smithsonian is a national leader in science and technology and is a world leader in learning.

It is the nation’s largest museum, the largest research institution in the world, and a world-renowned research center for the study of human development.

It was established in 1909.

The foundation for the arts and humanities is dedicated to advancing women and men through the arts, literature, and the performing arts.

It offers an education and outreach program that provides a platform for female artists, performers, writers, and thinkers to explore the themes of creativity and equality.

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