Which charity is the Sanger Institute?

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Sanger, the Swedish Sanger Institution, is a charity founded in 1883 that provides free medical care for people who are mentally ill and their families.

It provides medical services for people with disabilities.

It also provides free legal advice and support services to people with HIV.

The organization has about 4,000 staff, many of whom are psychologists.

The Sanger Foundation has about 100,000 donors worldwide.

In 2018, the Sangers Foundation raised more than $8.3 million for a range of projects, including the creation of a new community mental health centre in Toronto.

The foundation is also involved in a number of community initiatives around the world.

It has raised more $4.2 million for projects in Canada, including a new library and youth program in Saskatoon.

The Foundation also runs a charity shop in Toronto and sells donated goods to support local charities.

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