Charity Institution forms ‘Aiya Institute’ in the US, for a new philanthropic mission

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The Aiya Institute is a charitable entity created by Aiyar Khan and the Delhi-based Aiyya Foundation.

It has launched the organisation in the United States to build and support the efforts of Indian charities to build a new network of NGOs.

The foundation is working to build an India-focused network of global non-governmental organizations that aim to strengthen India’s social and economic infrastructure.

The new organisation has a mission of providing financial support to the development of non-profit organisations.

The organisation is currently working on a project to create a fund for local NGOs to provide food assistance to rural women, who in India often struggle to find adequate food, shelter and medical care.

Khan told NDTV that the new organisation is aiming to help Indian NGOs in the areas of education, health, infrastructure and development.

charity institution form iona institute charity

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