“This is the best place to work for the last four years: ‘The World Bank,'” says ‘America’s Next Top Model’ star Emily Lautner

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The world’s biggest bank, the World Bank, is “one of the best places to work”, the US’ Next Top Models contestant Emily Lattner told The Associated Press on Monday.

“I have never had a better feeling in my life, and this is one of the greatest times in my career,” she said.

Lattener, who won the role of Emily, an aspiring fashion designer, on the US reality show in December, said she’s been offered the job as a director of the Bank of England, which she says is “the greatest job in the world”.

“This is an incredible opportunity,” she told the AP.

“It is a job where I can take a chance, because I’m very well respected.”

“I’m the best of the rest, and I have a fantastic team,” Lattrer added.

The US model and singer also discussed her career, which started in New York City and ended at the MTV Video Music Awards, the annual music event in Los Angeles, in which she won her first MTV Video Video Music Award in 2014.

“The World War II generation of artists, the future of our country, the economy, it’s all connected to me,” she explained.

“Every year I’m like, ‘It’s all about me!'”

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