The Catholic charities institute will open in Melbourne


The Catholic Charity Institute (CCI) has been announced as one of Melbourne’s new charities institutions.

The announcement was made in the Catholic Community Services Association’s annual general meeting, which is being held in Melbourne’s CBD.

The CCI, which was founded in 2001, is a group of charities working to promote charitable giving through innovative public service initiatives.

It has already launched projects such as the Children’s Cancer Fund and the Kids’ Cancer Foundation, and has since established the Community Foundation to support the health of the community.

A spokesperson for the CCI said the organisation was excited to partner with the Victorian Government to create a new charity institution.”CCI has a rich history of philanthropy and a commitment to delivering high quality services to people in need, and we’re looking forward to joining the Commonwealth in bringing more people into our services,” the spokesperson said.

“Our new partners, the Victorian Premier and Treasurer, are making great progress on creating a strong and vibrant economy that supports our people and communities.”

The new charity will be a part of the Victorian government’s Commonwealth Centres of Excellence, which will be announced later this year.

The Victorian Government has been funding the organisation to create new facilities to support charities, including a new facility at the Victoria University of Technology.

The Commonwealth’s Centres are places for the Commonwealth Government to hold a series of public events and provide training to new charities.

The Premier said the Commonwealth had been in the process of identifying the best charities to be established in Victoria, and had been impressed by the CCIs work.

“We are delighted to announce that the CCIC has been named one of the Commonwealth’s new Commonwealth Centre of Excellence,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“It is great news for the entire community of Victoria and for the charity sector as a whole.”


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