How to measure the value of your charity

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Are you considering giving money to a charity?

How much does your charity save the world?

This is the question that drives millions of people to volunteer at non-profits every year.

And it’s one that has puzzled the charitable sector for decades.

But there is a way to determine whether your organization is helping the world and whether you should give.

This simple tool is called the Charity Index.

And it’s easy to use.

You just click on the “Charitable Index” link at the top of any charitable organization’s website and find out how much it’s making in donations.

The best charities have been able to do this in order to make the charity more transparent to the public.

In the meantime, many charities have created “charitable” websites that include a simple list of their charitable contributions, which are shown in the sidebar.

If you want to know what that means, look here.

The Charity Index also includes other metrics that you can use to help determine if your organization’s work is effective.

The Index is a list of metrics that help you understand how the charity’s efforts have affected the world, and it can be used to evaluate your charity.

Here’s how to calculate your charity’s Charity Index and get started.

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