Irish Charity Institute to invest in lion conservation in Ireland

Public participation

The Irish Charity Institutions (ICI) has said it is considering investing in lion recovery efforts in Africa and is aiming to build a network of international partners to do so.

ICI said on Monday it will develop partnerships with African countries and organisations to support the lion recovery effort.

It will also launch a new project, called The Lion Rescue, in partnership with LionAid.

LionAid, a network that works to restore lion populations in Africa, said the news is a “significant step forward for the organisation”.

The news comes amid the ongoing global economic downturn and is an example of what we can achieve together,” LionAid CEO Chris O’Donnell said in a statement.”

The lion recovery initiative will be one of the best examples of that.

The Lion Recovery Initiative will be an opportunity for ICI to create a network in Africa that will empower the people of Africa to achieve their goals.”

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