Charity baptist: Abuse charity ‘is a scam’

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The charity has been criticised for its practices of using a private website to distribute its information.

It said it has removed the material and issued a statement to say it has stopped distributing the charity’s website.

It added that it has a policy of not distributing information that can be construed as a threat to anyone.

But the charity, founded in 1882, said it was still accepting donations, even though it said it had no money to do so.

The charity’s chief executive, Simon Travaglia, said: “I’ve done my best to remove some of the content that was put out there.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The charity is in receipt of the amount of money we have received and we are in receipt and are in contact with all those affected.

“This has been an emotional time for everyone at the charity and our thoughts are with all involved.”

The charity said it received a payment of $2,000 from the Australian Government on April 8.

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