The Lion Foundation Foundation: The Foundation That Made the Case for the #GivingTuesday Holiday Source Business Insider title The #GivingWednesday Holiday: The New Foundation that’s bringing a new dimension to Giving Tuesday Source Business Insider title The Giving Wednesday Holiday: New Foundation for the New Year’s Day to Celebrate the End of Giving Week Source BusinessInsider title #GivingMonday Holiday: Why you’re invited to join us for the first #Giving Tuesday of the year in 2017! [New]


The Lion and the Crown – The Lion, a new foundation formed to support the world’s most endangered animal species, announced it would be donating $250,000 to the Global Fund to Fight Poverty (GFP) this week.

The foundation’s Executive Director, Sarah Liss, told CNN that the lion’s recent surge in popularity has made the decision a no-brainer.

“The lion is a huge animal and he’s a global icon, but we need more funding for his care,” she said.

“We need a global fund that’s going to be there to protect the lion.”

The lion has been in decline due to poaching and deforestation, but is now a popular tourist attraction.

The GFP supports conservation efforts around the world, including the lion, and has raised nearly $1.8 billion in its 2017 fundraising drive.

The foundation also supports projects around the globe, including research, conservation education and research, and the fight against global poverty.

Liss said she was excited about the news because “the lion is the most iconic of all animals.

He’s iconic in our hearts, and we’ve never really thought about the impact he has on our world, and it’s important to us to give back.”

The Lion Foundation has been active on social media, with several of its posts highlighting its support for the lion and other animals in need.

Lois told CNN the organization has a long history of supporting animals and its goal is to do the same with the lion.

The organization will be hosting a #GivingFriday event in New York on February 9, with an open call for people to donate to the lion foundation.

If you or someone you know needs financial assistance, the organization recommends you contact the GFP’s online helpline.

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