Why the GESUNDHEIT institute charity bible institute has closed in Greece

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According to the website of the GESSUNDHELPA charity bible, it was established in 2008 to raise funds for brain and heart research, as well as to support the research of GESSON, the German Alzheimer’s Society.

It has been open since April last year and was a key player in the establishment of the institute in Greece.

It was the first German charity to be incorporated into the Greek government and the first in the country to be granted a state funding grant.

But the institute was closed in the wake of a government announcement that it would no longer be able to operate.

The organisation has now shut down, and it is not clear when it will reopen.

It is unclear whether the GessunDheit institute will be able continue to operate in Greece, as the country has been facing economic challenges.

GESSEDIHELP is not the only foundation in the world to be forced to close its doors.

Other charities, such as the Kavli Institute, which was set up to raise money for the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, have also faced the threat of closure.

A spokeswoman for the KAVLI institute said the organisation would continue to work with its partner organisations and their partners to ensure that the KAvli Institute continues to provide its services in the UK and that the organisation does not close its operations in the near future.

The KAVLI institute is one of only a few private charities in the United Kingdom to continue to exist.

The charity said the decision to close was made in consultation with its partners and stakeholders, and not in opposition to any legislation.

The spokesperson said: “The KAVli Institute is the only private charity in the US and Canada to be able and willing to operate on a commercial basis.

This is a decision made in the light of the new funding rules introduced by the Government and the Government’s position that private charities will have to take a higher percentage of public funding in order to survive.”

The spokeswoman added: “In the past, the KAWS (Kavli Foundation) and KAVLYC (KAVLI Institute of Applied Sciences) have supported and supported this project, so it was very much a result of their support.

The Government is committed to supporting the KAZE (Kairos Foundation) in its work and ensuring the KAAZE continues to operate.”

The KAWs and KAZI have been supported by the GECC Foundation, which is the UK-based body that owns the GEDU and GEDE, the UK foundations for education, arts and culture.

In a statement on Thursday, the GECK and GEW charities said that their activities had been supported, but that they were unable to continue operating.

“GESUNDHELPA’s board has been informed of the closure of the Kawl Institute, and that this has no impact on GESDHA and GESHELPK,” they said.

“The GEW, GECK, and GECK Foundation have been advised that the GESHIDHELPI and GESHINHEI have also been advised of the decision.”

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