When Israel’s ‘gift of salvation’ comes to Jerusalem

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By David ShulmanJanuary 16, 2019 7:34pmIt is not uncommon to hear the phrase “the gift of salvation” from Christians in Israel, a country that is renowned for its tolerance and openness.

Yet, in a country where religious extremism is rampant, the term is not commonly used.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is among the churches in Israel that have embraced the word “gift” in a way that is meant to celebrate and promote the church’s mission.

The phrase, which means “one who receives” in Hebrew, has become an integral part of the Church’s mission, and has even been used by members of the faith in official church publications.

The name has been embraced by the Church in a variety of ways, including as an expression of appreciation for those who have made significant contributions to the church.

In addition to the Church of Latter Day Saints, there are also several other religious groups that have used the term “gifts” to honor people who have been in the church for a long time.

In a recent video for the Church Watch, Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said that “the term ‘gifts’ is a powerful word that brings the spirit of Jesus into the world, into the community and into the heart of every human being.

The Lord loves us to have the gift and the gift is the gift that He has given us of His Spirit.””

The Lord is calling all people and their children to use the word, to bless the word and to use its blessings, blessings of the gift of Christ and to bless others, to be their disciples, to have a testimony of Christ in their lives, and to be partakers of the gifts of the gospel.

The Lord loves us to have the gift and the gift is the gift that He has given us of His Spirit.”

Elder Oaks went on to say that the Lord has given the gift “to all the children of men, even those who do not know that they have it, because the Lord knows that we are called to be His disciples, that we have a duty to serve Him in His name, and that He wants us to live as His servants and as His children.

We need not fear the Lord.

If you would ask me what I can do for you, I would give you a gift. “

To those who ask, He will answer, ‘I have not given you this power by myself; it has been given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ.

You are my children. “

I have given you the gift.

You are my children.

I have a responsibility to bless you and bless your children.

That’s the power of the Lord and that’s the gift we have received. “

As you bless others with your gifts, the Savior has blessed your family and you are blessed for what you have done.

This is the power and the blessing of the Savior and the Lord is with you. “

And the Lord will bless you, bless your family, bless the children in your household, bless each other, bless those who receive the gift from the Lord, bless all of you who have not received it from Him, bless them all and bless God for what He has done for them.

It is not something you are born with or something that is bestowed on you by some supernatural being. “

It is a great gift and a great blessing, because it comes from the Spirit.

It is not something you are born with or something that is bestowed on you by some supernatural being.

It comes from within you.

It does not come from the outside.

It has to come from within and it is given to you by the Spirit.”

In the video, Elder Oaks added that “there is a power in the word ‘gives.’

It is a gift to give.

It brings the Spirit into the work, and it has a great promise, which is, that if you give, He is going to bless your work, bless it, bless you.

If it is a blessing, then you have been given something.

It’s a blessing and it brings you closer to the Lord.”

In recent years, the word has become more popular among the Jewish community, with more than 200 synagogues in Israel and over 2,000 synagogs across the country receiving the blessing.

In recent months, the Church has been receiving more and more requests to use “gives” in its mission, including from members of Israel.

The church has been sending letters to synagogos and other religious institutions to inform them of the blessings the church has received in the name of the “giver of blessings,” as well as its “gifting of gifts,” and to remind people that “givers of gifts” is a word of faith and practice that is “as precious as the gift itself.”

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