How to write a letter of support for an institution

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How to start writing a letter to an institution.

Here’s how to get started.


Fill out the form.

Write your name, address, and phone number, and send it to the university’s office of student services.

If you can’t send the letter, you can use a contact form.2.

Write a letter that addresses the institution directly.

It must be addressed to the head of the institution or the president.

Make sure the institution’s name is spelled correctly and that the institution has a campus address.3.

Include your contact information, such as email address and telephone number.

Include the institution as a member of a scholarship, fellowship, or scholarship support program.4.

Include a description of your request and why it’s important.


Make a donation to the institution.

Include an amount and the type of donation.

Donations can be made to the U of M Student Fund, Student Loan Fund, or other student loans.

You can also make a one-time donation.


Check with the institution to see if the university has an online service that allows students to check in on the status of their scholarship.

If not, contact the university and ask for assistance.7.

Send the letter and attach the original envelope.

Include any questions or comments you may have.

If the letter is approved, you’ll receive an email response.

If you want to contact the head or president, you may need to complete a letter form and send that to the office of Student Services.

The head or the chancellor can then respond.

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