Fiona Murchison’s charity says it is ‘disgusted’ at claims that her brain institute has been accused of institutional abuse

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Fiona Murtison’s brain institute says it has not been accused by the charity the Sisters of Charity of abuse but the Charity Commission is investigating.

Ms Murchinson, who is the head of the Institute for Neuroscience, said it was “disgusting” to hear the claims about her organisation.

“It is disgusting to think that a charity could use the brain of an individual who has died to fund research, because that is absolutely not how charity works,” she said.

The Independent’s investigation has found the organisation has received around $400 million from its UK donors since 2009, almost entirely from the state, which has pledged more than $10 billion over the same period.

“The Independent has been told by an insider that the brain institute is not part of the institution and has not received any money from the institution,” a spokesman for the charity said.

“In the past the institute has worked in a range of areas from clinical research to developing new medicines for the elderly.”

The charity said it would review the claims made in a statement issued on Monday, which was made after the Independent’s inquiries.

“We will look at any allegations of abuse in the brain research sector and we will consider all of the available information, including the information presented to us by Fiona’s own organisation,” the statement said.

“We are not aware of any specific allegations of any abuse at the brain centre, and we are confident that the allegations made by the Independent are unfounded.”

A spokesperson for the Foundation for Neuroimaging and Behavior, which represents charities and research institutions, said the charity was “deeply troubled” by the allegations.

“These claims are completely false, completely unsubstantiated and highly offensive to any organisation that has been committed to working for the best interests of our members and families,” the spokesperson said.


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