‘I was in tears’: ‘My husband’s death was a crime’: The story of how a disabled man’s life was taken by the police

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By John Moore/Staff ReporterThe police were there when the man’s mother had to go to the doctor, he said, but they didn’t do anything because the mother had a baby to take care of.

The man, who has not been identified, said he went to the police station with his father on the morning of March 13, 2014.

He said they asked him why he had called the police on the baby, saying they wanted to know where it was, but he told them there was nothing there.

When he asked what happened, the police officer said he was a man, and that he was not a man.

He had a child, he had a heart attack, he was on his way to hospital, the man said.

The police did not arrest the man or charge him with a crime, but the mother’s daughter, who was not in the room at the time, was taken into custody.

She was then charged with child neglect and was released on bail.

The woman later told the police she did not see the man, but said he had told her that he had been beaten by police officers.

She said the man had also told her he was in a mental health hospital and that police had beaten him.

The case has attracted international attention and prompted a debate about the use of force by police.

The mother has told the BBC she had no idea her son had been arrested.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has said the incident was an isolated incident and there was no evidence that officers had used excessive force.

The IPCC said it was investigating the matter.

The Police Federation has said it is satisfied there is no systemic problem in the use and training of the force, but it is not in a position to comment on the circumstances of the incident.


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