Irish charities are trying to avoid legal action for not giving food to homeless

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Irish charities that do not feed the homeless are trying their best to avoid a legal challenge by a charity which claims the payments amount to “human trafficking.”

According to a statement by the Irish Catholic Charities Institute, which is the Irish equivalent of the National Union of Students, it is not the first time it has been sued by a group for failing to provide services.

In a letter sent to the charity, which manages several food banks, the charity says it has received complaints from a group of people who say they have been exploited and exploited again.

The Irish Catholic Charity Council (ICC), the Irish government agency that oversees charities, said it has not yet received any complaints from people who claim they were exploited by the group and it was not possible to comment further.

The charity, based in Dublin, says it does not receive any direct payments from Irish taxpayers.

Instead, it says it relies on voluntary donations from the public.

“We are the largest food bank in Ireland and have been for almost two decades, but our cash reserves are not sufficient to meet the needs of those in need,” said the statement.

“The ICC has a range of other food banks around the country, but we have been unable to secure sufficient funding to maintain the service and have not been able to meet our obligations to our clients.”

The Irish government says it is working with the charity to find more ways to help the homeless and that the charity has “done everything it can to ensure the care of our clients is safe and secure.”

The statement from the Irish charity adds that “we are working with Irish authorities to determine the appropriate next steps to provide food assistance to those who are homeless and to address any concerns raised by the victims of human trafficking.”

It also claims that there have been no allegations of any human trafficking in Ireland, which it says is a statement it has never made.

The Irish government has said it is seeking a report from the Independent Commission Against Human Trafficking (ICACH), the body that is currently investigating allegations of human rights abuses against migrants and refugees in Northern Ireland.

The ICC has not commented on the case.

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