How to help support brain research funders

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Science and technology organisations are struggling to find enough money to support research and development projects funded by their funding institutions.

The new Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is an independent body set up in 2015 to give more power to the UK’s research and technology sector.

It has now been tasked with looking at how to help funding institutions with research projects.

The STFC has received funding from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Department of Health, the Science and Innovation Research Council (SIRRC), the Science Foundation of Great Britain (SIFF), and the Royal Society.

Strict rules on funding, and the need to raise the necessary money, mean the STFC will have to look at how best to support its own projects.

Its chairman, Dr David Beasley, said the organisation had “further work to do” on the issue.

“This is a challenge that the organisation has taken on as part of our broader support for the UK research and innovation economy.

It’s clear we need to be working together, with the full backing of our stakeholders, to identify the best ways to support the development of our own science, and also the research that’s done at the UK level,” he said.

Dr Beasley said the STC had “been engaged with the funding bodies, and we’ve been able to reach out to them, to get their input and input on what they think is best for science funding.”

In a statement, the STEC said: “We believe that funding organisations and their partners are best placed to work with science to address the UK public health challenges and to deliver the best possible research outcomes.”

The STEC supports the STDCs priorities for research and research-driven economic development.

In particular, the StEC will be seeking a strong relationship between funding organisations, research centres and the scientific community, as we ensure that the best scientific research, driven by the best science, is delivered for the benefit of society.

“Stuart Wood, the executive director of the UK Centre for Science Policy, said: “Funding institutions have been incredibly successful in funding research in the UK, but we need strong government policy to support science and innovation at all levels.

For the STCAP to deliver its stated objectives, it needs to work together with other stakeholders, including the wider science community.

“The Science and Tech Facilities Council says its mission is to create a “more vibrant economy for science and technology”, and said its focus was to ensure that “research is delivered at the highest levels of quality”.

Dr Wood said that the STKC “should be a partner in supporting research in science and tech”, and that it was “extremely critical” that funding institutions were “supportive of UK science and research”.

The council is currently looking at “how to support STFCs priorities” to support their research projects, and “provide funding that’s aligned with the STF’s priorities”.

A spokesperson for the STCouncil said: “This review is about finding ways of supporting STFC’s priorities in the science and science-based economy, and will provide further guidance on the STLCs role and responsibilities.

We look forward to engaging with STFC members and stakeholders to identify ways of delivering better science funding and supporting research.

“If you or someone you know needs help or advice, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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